Search Engine Optimisation

Technical insight that drives results

SEOSearch engines don’t distinguish between big businesses and small. They recognise a website’s worth based on signals like a site’s data arrangement and its content quality.

eCommerce is highly competitive, with a dizzying array of technical challenges across multiple digital platforms (after all, if it was easy everyone would do it). We are here to make sure you gain maximum benefit from your investment in ecommerce software/platforms. We iron out the technical kinks so you can concentrate on your customer. After all, high search visibility will drive more traffic to your site, ultimately leading to a higher return-on-investment.

That’s where we come in. We start with the foundations: If your website isn’t up to scratch from a technical perspective, you may struggle to achieve your other goals. We follow a comprehensive tech checklist – honed through years of SEO experience – to audit your website.

We keep the communication lines open, offering you a prioritised list of recommendations and solutions. We keep you in the loop on our strategy’s – and your website’s – performance through regular meetings and data-driven progress reports. We set ourselves apart by thinking about SEO critically and intelligently, always revisiting our strategies and forging new paths.

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