Content Strategy

Plan, Execute & Measure

CONTENT-STRATEGYHaving a great content strategy is about creating a personality for your business so you can tell the stories that matter most to your audience – easy right? Not really – and it’s even harder when you add in the complexities ecommerce businesses face. Our content strategy work reflects your audience and will nurture them along the customer journey from discovery through to purchase with the a goal of creating evangelists.

Our content strategy includes a content calendar that commits to a campaign aimed at improving your content’s visibility on search engines AND its shareability on social networks. We also exercise a initial content audit and ongoing reporting to make sure we’re always brushed up on what works and what doesn’t.

Our content strategy is tailored to your business needs but will address a variety of important content approaches:


Understanding your audience is at the core of our strategic approach. Publishing content in the hopes your audience finds it is a path to failure. We kick off our strategic review with a deep dive into your audience’s core traits and find out what excites them.

Customer Journey

Building on the audience insights, we audit your current content assets so we can build a picture of your customers’ content journey. We believe in content not just for conversation but conversion. So we align our thinking with how your current content talks to your customers. That sets the foundations for adapting and optimizing your proactive content strategy to engage the right audience at the right time.


Immersing ourselves in the strategic details and planning positions us perfectly to activate the strategy and add real grunt to the day-to-day implementation. We have developed tried and tested processes that allow us to integrate with internal stakeholders and become part of the team. Because we live and breath content marketing, we are constantly challenging our own strategic insights to ensure you have the latest thinking applied to your campaigns.

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