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CONTENT-PRODUCTIONThe content you produce helps tell the stories that engage your audience and ultimately propel them towards your end goal. You don’t want it to be down-in-the-mud, out of touch, or lacking in substance. At Bespoke, we work to make your content as innovative, memorable, and shareable as possible.

We want your content to hit all your readers’ senses, giving them a heady experience they can’t get enough of. It’s got to be punchy, action-packed, to-the-point, varied, and most importantly, useful. You don’t want your content to be half-baked. We have a team of expert content creatives ready and eager to plunge into your brand persona and create quality content that excites and pleases your audience

Here are just some of the things we can do:

SEO Copy
This copy is designed to increase your website’s visibility by addressing keywords, page titles, meta-descriptions, and more.

Product Descriptions and Internal Content
Give your products pages greater allure with detailed descriptions to captivate your customer’s imagination. Product pages, landing pages, product descriptions and category introductions all add value to your customer’s experience. They may often be the only component of your brand they will engage with, so you want them to pack a punch.

Blog Posts and Articles
Blogs and Resource Centres are the juicy, info-packed hub your audience will head to for all their inspirational and informational needs. Blog posts and articles require a subtle blend of inspiration, information, and marketing. We combine creativity with delicacy to promote your brand’s voice.

Case Studies
Bring your customers into the story by giving them relatable stories that address their own needs and concerns.

Designed Content and Infographics
We humans are an impatient bunch and always love to skip to the good stuff. Most people only scan online content, just as you scan the morning paper for the headlines that peak your interest. Creating visual content accommodates that habit and promotes a much more readable – not to mention shareable – message.

Infographics are a simple way to break down and portray complex information and data. Where numbers or intensive facts can look like mumbo-jumbo in writing, they morph into easy-to-understand ideas in visual detail.

Video and Motion Graphics
We can’t get away from videos and motion graphics online – you need only flip through your Facebook News Feed to see just how beloved and shared video content is. There’s a reason these content styles work: they put a face to your brand name, helping you consolidate your brand’s identity and connect with viewers.

Short, sharp videos and motion graphics can help portray a complicated idea or process far easier than a lengthy written article. They’re also an effective way of storytelling, since they engage all your viewer’s senses with emotive music, voice-overs and animation.

Interactive Documents and Presentations
Nobody likes pouring through endless lists of statistics. But if you present that same information in a visually-stunning way, that same data will have a much stronger impact and a greater level of comprehension.

Presentations and interactive documents help your figures come alive with the use of infographics and motion graphics. They can also enhance a story by telling it in a logical way.

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