Blogger & influencer engagement

build authority & trust with your audeince's influencers

AUDIENCEBlogger engagement is developing fast and – we feel – in the wrong way. Bloggers should not be seen as a commodity. After all, if you’re thinking about blogger engagement, you’re thinking about communicating to an audience through bloggers.

While knowing a blogger’s stats and their cost is important, it’s not the starting point. Great ideas and collaboration are the cornerstone of successful blogger and influencer engagement campaigns.

The internet has a seemingly infinite number of conversations happening at any time. So how do you position your brand in those places where it will be most seen and heard? Every vertical has natural leaders of the pack. These are bloggers, “opinionators”, and voices that will influence your target audience and their buying decisions.

Bespoke is here to fill in the gaps and extend your brand stories in the blogosphere through creative collaborations with bloggers. We want to excite them with your brand and products so they in turn excite their audience.

Our blogger and influencer engagement services cover:

  • Analyse the landscape. We canvas the digital landscape for bloggers and influencers relevant to your brand’s personality. These bloggers have the audience you want to target.
  • Analysing the conversation. We find out what they’re saying about you – if they’re saying anything at all – and why they might be saying it. We discover what your target audience is interested in and how you can use that to your advantage.
  • Vet the right bloggers and influencers. Once we’ve pinpointed relevant people who could benefit your brand, we pitch them great opportunities to connect with your brand and products.
  • Agree blogger partnerships. Bloggers can do a range of things for your brand, from reviewing your product to running giveaways and competitions on your behalf.
  • Getting influencers on board.This is crunch time. We energize your target influencers, getting them excited about your content and brand and encouraging collaboration. We help drive authentic experiences that add value to your influencers’ audience and in turn to yours.
  • Events. Nothing beats engaging with a brand and bloggers in person. We provide full event services creating immersive experiences where bloggers truly feel connected to your brand and products.

In fact we feel so passionately about blogger and influencer engagement we set you a separate business to help build a better experience for bloggers and brands.

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