Content Amplification

get your Content in front of the right Audience

SOCIAL-STRATEGYIf content is king then amplification is queen and she wears the pants. Your audience is out there and the challenge is to get your content in front of them. Gone are the days of “publish and they will come”. Content needs smart amplification to find its mark.

We create tailored strategies to carry your message to all corners of the digital world using all relevant channels and mediums. It isn’t just about getting your content out there either, but getting it seen by the right people.

There are no cookie-cutter approaches. We avoid the word ‘viral’ and we definitely don’t adhere to one size fitting all when it comes to engaging your audience online. The majority of amplification is simply broadcasting on social media channels and it’s about as engaging as small talk and as thrilling and productive as an awkward exchange in the street with an old school friend you were trying to avoiding.

We think this style of work is pointless. So like all of our services, amplification services are designed to be specific, tangible and free of the jargon that gives social media a bad name.

Our strategies aren’t just about getting eyes on your content, but about involving your audience. We take a creative and integrated approach to your amplification strategies. Social media doesn’t just stand alone, and the success of your social media campaign is a by-product of your content and integrated amplification approach. We use your social channels as additional publishing channel for your content and work proactively to foster conversation on your pages.

We get to know your audience. We find out your target audience’s favourite online haunts and plant your brand in the middle of their conversations. We aim to turn those minds into fans, followers, and customers.

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