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MARKETING-CONTENTEveryone’s talking about content marketing, but how often is the concept taken beyond a conversation piece? The answer: not often and by few.

The problem: content marketing has become faddish and empty. In short, a buzzword. The vast majority of so-called content marketing is executed in a vacuum – with no real strategy or goal in mind – or with a goal that’s ill-suited to the content behind it.

Either that or the content just isn’t any good – with the crucial component of ‘quality’ left behind in a brainstorm.

Content marketing for ecommerce presents an even sterner test. For a start, you don’t want to disturb the aesthetic of the website. But you do want to turn conversations into conversions. You’ll want content that nurtures customers through their buying journey, from researching the brand through to committing to the product and completing the sale.

Of course, SEO value counts for something in your online content, helping to build links and give your website greater visibility. Creating engaging content gives the search engines what they’re looking for.

To help your website build authority and create a place for itself in its industry, we create a tangible content strategy based on two key tenets: accountability and quality. We delve deep into your audience to align your content strategy with their purchase journey and provide creative ways to help improve the path to purchase with amazing content experiences.

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