Love JK Teams Up with Bespoke Agency to Increase Organic Traffic

About Love JK

Love JK kicked off in late 2011 as an ecommerce website selling personalised party stationery and whimsical wall art. Its creator, Jennifer Henderson, is a graphic designer who wanted to channel her inner-child into a productive yet fun-loving project. Today, Love JK supplies personalised invitations and gifts, greeting cards, stationery and décor to party stylists and happy parents across Australia.

Campaign Summary

Love JK is a personalised party stationery brand that shares a love of “Designing for Life’s Little Joys”. Initially, the Melbourne-based company used PR methods to spread word of its online business, but the team realised they needed to step it up a notch by improving the website for SEO.

Love JK enlisted Bespoke Agency to help implement a targeted SEO strategy, through which Love JK has enjoyed a substantial month-on-month boost in organic traffic.

  • 162.28% MoM increase in organic traffic to Bunting category
  • 89.41% MoM increase in organic revenue from Bunting category
  • 38.61% MoM increase in overall organic traffic
  • Visibility Score rose from 148 to 230

Personalised stationery brand seeks perfect SEO agency partner

Since Love JK creator and “Chief Kiddo” Jennifer Henderson started her company in 2011, she and her team have worked hard to boost traffic to the website. They enjoyed some success through PR work, seeing fantastic returns on their efforts.

Plenty of people visited the website through that avenue, but Jennifer Henderson knew they needed to better optimise the website to drive organic traffic. The only thing was, they found this a difficult feat.

The Love JK tech team tried to implement changes to their internal pages to improve their SEO value, as well as initiate a blog to build out their content. But their knowledge was limited and it became clear they needed to reach out.

“We knew we needed help with SEO,” Jennifer says. “We have a good technical team here, but we knew we needed some extra help so we could understand what we needed to do to increase organic traffic.”

After shopping around – and becoming increasingly disenchanted with the lock-in mentality of other SEO agencies – Love JK found Bespoke Agency.

“Looking for a good SEO company is difficult. I can’t emphasise how frustrating it is dealing with other SEO people who try to lock you in and do everything for you. Bespoke Agency has a flexible approach to dealing with their clients. The fact there wasn’t a retainer was a big bonus – that wasn’t a feasible option for us.”

A solid SEO strategy

It was through a large ecommerce company that Jennifer heard of Bespoke Agency’s services. As Jen said, “If such a big online retailer was talking about Bespoke Agency, it was a huge recommendation”.

Following her initial appointment with the Bespoke Agency team, Jennifer was confident they were fit for the job.

“After chatting with Bespoke Agency, we were confident they really knew their stuff,” Jennifer says. “It was reassuring to meet people who could speak our language and good to know we were dealing with people with the right experience.”

Bespoke recommended technical changes such as improved internal linking, site restructuring, and better on-site content. In particular, Bespoke Agency worked on increasing the number of keywords bringing users to the Love JK website via Google’s search results.

Trust and collaboration = amazing results

Since Love JK and Bespoke Agency’s collaboration, the ecommerce website has seen a stark month-on-month improvement in organic traffic and website search visibility. The number of keywords bringing visitors to the site organically rose from 61 to 97 in under four months.

Love JK enjoyed a 38.61% month-on-month increase in overall organic traffic, with the majority of it coming from the Bunting category.

The Bunting category is booming, with an increase in organic traffic of 162.38%, generating an 89.41% increase in organic revenue.

“Bespoke Agency has a good focus on the ecommerce side,” Jennifer says. “We’re already seeing a great response in our Bunting category through making sure the copy was right. It’s good to see a steady uptake in traffic.”

Love JK plans to work with Bespoke Agency in the future to continue to improve the website’s performance, including looking at competitive analysis and building the website’s authority.

“I would be happy to recommend Bespoke Agency. They have a flexible approach to dealing with their clients. It’s great knowing we can get the help as and when we need it.”

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