How Engaging with Bloggers Extended Bobux’s Online Presence

About Bobux

Bobux is a unique kids shoe brand that promotes a healthy feet ethos with its series of soft-soled shoes. Founded in 1991, the New Zealand-based company now sells its innovative baby and toddler shoes all over the world.

Summary of Campaign

Healthy kids shoe brand Bobux knew it needed a more comprehensive Content Marketing strategy to extend its online presence. But the New Zealand business didn’t have the know-how to execute the strategy effectively. The shoe company turned to Bespoke Agency to turn its ideas into an actionable Content Strategy highlighting blogger engagement to produce real results.

  • 40% of invited bloggers participated
  • Facebook: 500+ likes, 300+ comments and 130+ shares
  • Instagram: 450+ likes and 60+ comments

Filling the gaps

Bobux has an edge against the competition with its innovative range of soft-soled shoes designed to stay on kids’ feet. But as the brand continues to expand into the international market, strengthening and growing the company’s online presence has become paramount.

While Bobux Marketing Manager Greg Parmenter knew Content Marketing and blogger engagement was key to unlocking access to a much larger audience, he was frustrated by his limited knowledge. This lack of expertise impeded the marketing team’s ability to successfully activate and promote a blog or engage influential contributors.

“We were really only doing about 30% of what we should have been doing,” Greg says. “So to bring Bespoke Agency on board allowed us to get really clear with the theory behind Content Marketing and why we’re doing it.”

“We’ve got a lot of talent here to produce the stuff, but how to get it out and to organise it all was one of those things that was put into the too-hard basket. It was quite timely that we got Bespoke Agency involved – and a relief!”

Making the connections

After talking with Bespoke Agency co-founder Jason Mun, Greg was confident Bespoke Agency would be able to fill the gaps in the Bobux marketing team’s knowledge.

Bespoke Agency had the connections to put the Bobux name on the lips of mummy bloggers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Bespoke implemented a blogger engagement strategy to promote Bobux’s latest product range throughout the two countries.

“We couldn’t have done it without Bespoke,” Greg says. “We talked to way more bloggers than we would have been able to do ourselves. Bespoke had the connections and got the bloggers involved under an intense time pressure.”

Bespoke Agency’s connections and tools put Bobux in touch with influential contributors who were able to promote the brand not just on their blogs, but also across all social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook.

“For us, it’s also a lot about learning and putting our resources here to good use. Being able to talk to the experts has been really helpful for us, and to have Bespoke there if we have an idea and can run it past them is invaluable. It’s handy that they drive us and suggest, push and make things work too.”

Expanding to new horizons

Bespoke Agency has helped Bobux expand its digital reach, exploring the full extent of link-building and social channels.

In the four weeks since implementing the blogger engagement strategy, the campaign drove 2678 page visits and 1252 visits to the campaign URL.

Forty-one percent of the invited bloggers published a Bobux post on their blogs and shared it on social media. Of these bloggers, 85% shared Bobux at least once on their Facebook pages, generating over 500 likes, 300 comments and 130 shares. Thirty-five percent of bloggers shared Bobux images on Instagram, generating more than 450 likes and over 60 comments.

Statistics aside, the campaign has enabled Bobux to build long-lasting collaborations with influencers.

“The relationship-building that was done through that campaign is going to set us up really well for the future, so the result there was really good,” Greg says.

Looking ahead, Greg is confident Bespoke Agency’s services will benefit the company as it repositions itself online and continues to build authority around foot health, shoe design and trendy shoe fashion.

“Each area needs their own support for material and has a different sort of content. So to arrange all that and execute it all is quite a complex beast. And to have Bespoke Agency on our side is really awesome.”

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