Bespoke Merges with Remerce to Become Bespoke CX

Today we’re proud to announce that digital marketing agency Bespoke has joined forces with e-commerce agency Remerce to create Bespoke CX.

We’ve combined our expertise to offer an end-to-end e-commerce service. We’re still focused on helping you solve your e-commerce challenges using data and insights. We can now also offer a greater diversity of expertise and a wider array of services to help you meet the agile nature of e-commerce today.

Through merging, we have combined Bespoke’s digital marketing and optimisation experience with Remerce’s e-commerce strategic and platform experience. Every business has unique requirements and challenges and we will continue to deliver solutions that are “bespoke”. Some additional services that we can now offer are CRM, user experience, UI design and development.

Combining expertise means we have become a full service agency with commerce at its core. Leading a team of developers, designers and digital marketers our directors, who bring a wealth of experience in their respective fields to Bespoke CX:

  • Martin Carlill – Head of Strategy
  • Aaron Tobin – Head of Partnerships
  • Jason Mun – Head of Search and Analytics
  • Greg Armstrong – Head of Technical Solutions

Our cross-disciplined experience allows us to tailor customer experience solutions for retailers. If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact Bespoke CX today.

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